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PHYS 4500 @ Cornell Physics

People of all ages and all levels of academic proficiency deserve to explore physics in a way that is distinct from, but an important complement to, how it is expressed and interacted with symbolically.

This course engages students in working directly with tools, equipment, and materials, to create apparatus, for the benefit of public and K12 audiences, that invite direct-sensory interaction with unique and otherwise elusive physics phenomena.

A key aspect of PHYS 4500 is that students learn how to use a variety of hand and power tools, the basics of electrical wiring and soldering, how to build and troubleshoot stuff, how to interact with interesting experimental phenomena, and how to effectively communicate physics. Very close supervision and detailed instruction in all of this is provided.


PHYS 4500 is a unique experience and provides excellent preparation for later work in research, science communication, education, or other fields.

This course is part of a project made possible by funding from Cornell University Office of Engagement Initatives.


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