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Bottling experiences in physics.

My mission is to promote positive relationships in physics through direct sensory interactions with real phenomena in three dimensional space.

I believe that these experiences:

for the individual,

  • reignite curiosity

  • develop agency

for society​,

  • provide a common reality based in shared direct observation

  • promote the practice of constructive deliberation toward a healthier democracy

and for the planet,​​

  • foster a mindset of sustainability

  • cultivate harmony between technology and nature.

My K-12 school days were starved of opportunities for uncurated experimentation and creativity. I was lucky to have a place to go after school where I could tinker to my hearts delight.

With a master's degree in Teaching and Teacher Education and a 20 year career in both formal and informal Science Education, I understand the effect that free choice has on how science and engineering is engaged by kids--especially as it pertains to fostering innovation.

bonetti sparks.JPG

Your senses are a big part of what make you feel alive.  Whether it's the way an image appears in a bead of water, the way the pitch of a half-full teapot bends, or the way an electrical current tingles, noticing new phenomena creates pathways to understanding the universe.

Every chance I get, I use available materials to create the conditions that give rise to unusual physical effects so that they can be conveniently summoned. I delight in sharing these experiences with others.


NYCscience Erik.jpeg



Having never really grown up myself, I have a keen sense of what kids enjoy.  I specialize in activities that captivate interest and awaken creativity while also building intuitions in physics and engineering.

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Personally presenting live or on camera is not my area of strength or interest. But I love to become the wizard behind the scenes so that physics can be brought to life before an audience. Whether it's giant smoke rings, a tornado of flames, a laser fog vortex, a hydrogen/oxygen explosion, interfering waves of sound, or a hovercraft magic carpet, I like to create unforgettable experiences.



CSWs answer a deep need for a dedicated space to investigate, manipulate, and create in a self-paced environment. Similar to makerspaces, CSW's differ in that the science they provide is motivated by personal wellbeing, social justice, and environmental stewardship. As a strong advocate for the proliferation of CSW's, and as the Creative Director of the Free Science Workshop, I'm committed to helping the movement grow in any way I can.


"If in the course of some wandering I come onto something delightful or exhilarating or beautiful or insightful, I want to tell someone else what I have found. More than that, I want to bring them along with me to share what I have discovered."

                       - Frank Oppenheimer

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